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Using Alliances to Increase IT Capabilities
Paul Pierce, 2013-10-25

Abstract: ICT is perhaps the most important, emblematic and ubiquitous technology of contemporary society. For many incumbent firms, the infusion of ICT into their industries poses both threats and opportunities. It entails a number of managerial challenges and might drive significant shifts in firm performance. In these processes, knowledge of what possibilities and limitations reside in ICT will be a key success factor. This thesis deals with the challenges that arise when incumbents ally with ICT firms – our case is the security industry – which has had a strong analogue technology base in the past, but where ICT offers opportunity for business development now as well as in the foreseeable future.

Conference papers, book chapters etc.

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Benjamin Weaver and Markus Lahtinen (2011) Technological change and users: An actor-network perspective on the digitalization of video surveillance, Paper presented at the The 27th EGOS Colloquium
Weaver, Benjamin (2007) Research proposal: Industry convergence - Driving forces, factors and consequences, Paper submitted to the 19th NFF conference in Bergen, 9-11 August 2007

Lusax memo series

Security industry standards - a research agenda
Benjamin Weaver, 2013-10-28

IP as a disruptive security technology
Benjamin Weaver, 2009-06-18

IP Excellence
Thomas Kalling, 2009-03-02

End-user survey, autumn 2008
Markus Lahtinen, 2009-03-02

‘Convergence’ in the security industry – definitions, drivers and consequences
Benjamin Weaver, 2008-12-10

SMEs and the Home Consumer Market, Purgatory or El Dorado?
Paul Pierce, 2008-11-07

Strategize to succeed
Paul Pierce, 2008-11-07

Stakeholder relations - a way of viewing your alliances
Paul Pierce, 2008-11-07

End-user challenges to security digitalisation and integration: a retail perspective
Markus Lahtinen, 2008-02-26

IP Challenges to Integrators
Thomas Kalling & Benjamin Weaver, 2008-02-25

From security system integrator to total solution provider
Benjamin Weaver & Thomas Kalling, 2008-02-25

Strategic Alliances within the security realm
Paul Pierce, 2008-01-04

The System Integrator’s Dilemma
Paul Pierce, 2007-11-23

Knowledge & Innovation in the Security Industry
Thomas Kalling, 2007-11-05

Adding value beyond traditional security – lessons learnt from the software industry
Markus Lahtinen, 2007-09-12

Security industry convergence – bridging the knowledge divide
Benjamin Weaver, 2007-08-26

Why or Maybe Why Not Have an Alliance - Case Studies of the Security Industry
Paul Pierce, 2007-08-26

Inhibiting and driving forces for the digitalization of security systems: security officers’ view on the issue
Markus Lahtinen, 2007-08-25

Leads to a Successful IP Integration Business
Thomas Kalling, 2007-06-26